Sunday, August 3, 2008

Recent Work: “Someone Named Eva” Book Jacket

Inspired by actual events in World II, this middle-grade novel tells the story of an eleven year-old Czech girl, who, because of her Aryan features, is taken from her family by German soldiers for “Germanization”– to be re-educated, renamed, and adopted by a German Nazi family.

The art director asked for a fairly straight forward treatment, somehow using a close-up of the character, with perhaps a distressed texture somewhere to evoke the historical nature of the book. As luck would have it, I happened to have in my archives some photos I took a few years ago of a young girl which seemed to match the character perfectly. Below are two of the alternated ideas presented.


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Kaylee said...

Can you please tell me some things about the girl on the front cover (not the book, I read it)? When people see me with the book they freak out and say I look just like her. I agree. I would absolutely LOVE to meet her, but if I can't, can I just know some things about her? Maybe even her email or phone or some other way to contact her? I'm so anxious! PLEASE help me out here!