Friday, November 23, 2007

Recent Work: How-to Demo for Upcoming Book

I created the above left image over the last few weeks as a “how-to” demo for Lisa Cyr’s upcoming book, Working On The Cutting-edge: Alternative Approaches in Art and Illustration, to be published by North Light Books. Although the final image is composited and enhanced in Photoshop, the individual elements are created by hand. Some of the pieces were created and/or photographed for this specific piece, such as the central frame and the main background. As part of my usual practice, though, many of the elements are culled from my continuously expanding and evolving library of backgrounds, scraps, and objects. Above right are some of the supporting images for the demonstration, including a photo of me painting the background, the before and after painted balsa wood frame, and scanned sections of some of my older paintings and drawings.

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Barbara said...

This is gorgeous. I like what you say about layers on your website - the ones that are forgotten or invisible still contribute to the work. Sounds a lot like writing!

I think the biggest issue about book covers being dull or "
gee, I've seen this somewhere before
" is that the same small universe of stock photography seems to be used a lot. Given the explosion of available digital images, I don't understand why we see the same images reworked so often, unless it's become a sort of classification system: this book is about girls, so we'll have this pair of legs in mary jane shoes so everyone knows it's one of those books about girls. Rather like the jacket copy that tells you what other book a book is like.

Anyway ... enjoy your blog, which I just discovered via Detectives Beyond Borders.