Monday, November 12, 2007

Recent Work: “Wounded Warriors” Illustration

For soldiers fortunate enough to survive severe head injuries in combat, attempting to navigate the disjointed military healthcare system back home can be another daunting challenge. In this illustration for designer Jill Akers at Military Officer Magazine, I tried to suggest the confusing bureacracy by looking to M.C. Escher for inspiration. I had done a couple of other sketches first, and this very rough pencil was almost an afterthought. I was slightly hesitant to present it, because I knew it would be by far the most labor intensive choice (had to build the little stairs, etc.), but I also felt drawn to the challenge. I like the way it turned out, though my wife hates it when I use the little model railroad people. Any opinions?

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Chelsea Revelle said...

i finally went to that peculiar little store that i was sure would have a model brain for you, but when i didn't see any i asked the store manager "if she had any brains?" well of course she was very hesitant in answering, but no, no brains. they did have a heart and i suppose if you needed one of those my question would have come across as a complement, rather than an insult.