Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Recent Work: “How Safe?” Illustrations

These illustrations will appear on the cover and interior of the March/April issue of Common Ground Magazine. The title “How Safe?” refers to what extent a community can provide security to its residents, specifically how much security is enough and at what cost? Art director Mary Prestera Butler wanted me to come up with a symbol or metaphor that would express the emotions of fear and vulnerability along with specific content such as alarm stickers and video cameras. I came up with the image of a crow to represent the “criminal threat.” I love bird imagery, and I had been waiting for an opportunity to use these reference photos of crows I had taken some years ago. I am also tentatively trying to introduce a little hand-drawn imagery into the work, which I was able to do in the interior piece. Below are some of the stages of the final Photoshop composite for the cover image.

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