Wednesday, February 18, 2009

“Second Nature” Book Jacket

In Alice Hoffman’s novel, Second Nature, a woman falls in love with a man who has been raised by wolves. Published several years ago in hardback, this cover is for the paperback edition.

Berkley Books art director, Lesley Worrell, asked for an image that would suggest the romantic, whimsical aspects of the book. Below are the initial pencil roughs.

After choosing sketch D, the image below was my first crack at the finish. Although I felt pretty good about the image, which I created largely from images in my archives, Lesley felt strongly the woman appeared too sad, and also asked for much more color, along with more conventional “forest” foliage. Given the changes requested, I felt the only way to fix the problem was really to start again from scratch., so that is what I did, with a new model and different foliage. At top is the final approved piece.


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